The Person  
Born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana, Jourdan Barnes has always been influenced by & surrounded in art and health. Completing his education in Art and Psychology at Xavier University, Barnes works closely with those affected by STIs and HIV through his work as an Community Engagement Coordinator for the STD/HIV/Hepatitis Program of Louisiana's Department of Public Health. While working with Louisiana's Department of Health STD/HIV Program Barnes has continued to create art that highlights Black people and creates work that amplifies their voice and truths. Barnes has exhibited works in well respected museums like The Ogden, Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans, and The Guggenheim New York. He has also been a part of arts initiatives like Prospect 3 and White Linen Night. Today Barnes is continuing a triptych series titled “Noire” where he is highlighting the experiences of Black women, men, and the intersectionality of Black queer men. He is also currently mentoring youth artists of YAYA Inc (, a program in which he is an Alumnus of.Barnes is aspiring to become a Pediatric Art Therapist where he would utilize his talents to serve his community and the children that are in need of artistic expression for therapeutic purposes.
The Artist 
I am an artistic conduit, using life as a muse for my work and the resources available to me to tell my story. Photography is my medium of choice, but I often incorporate other mediums into my work. My work reflects issues that are important to me, internalized racism and identity within the Black (African American) community and internalized homophobia within the Black queer community. My work is provocative and engaging, creating experiences that start the conversation of equity and voice. I am very strategic with order and presentation of my work to evoke emotion and provide proper context for my audience. ​​​​​​​
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